Some Questions #1: The Rest!

Αυτή τη βδομάδα είμαστε με το ψαλίδι στο χέρι. Το some beans έχει γεμίσει με κορδέλες που πρέπει να κόψουμε, εγκαινιάζοντας καινούριες στήλες. Μετά τα φασόλια που έρχονται με το ταχυδρομείο, αυτή τη φορά γινόμαστε πιο διαδραστικοί: το επιστημονικό μας επιτελείο έβαλε το ροδαλό του πισινούλη κάτω και μάζεψε 14 ερωτήσεις με τις οποίες θα αποπειραθούμε να ανακρίνουμε τους αγαπημένους μας καλλιτέχνες. Ποδαρικό θα κάνουν κι εδώ οι, ελπίζουμε όχι Σαββατογεννημένοι και κατά τ'άλλα συμπαθέστατοι, The Rest.

Για τους Καναδούς The Rest τα λέμε αναλυτικά λίγο πιο κάτω. Κυκλοφορούν το δεύτερό τους άλμπουμ, με τίτλο Everyone All At Once, από την Auteur στις 21 Απριλίου, αν και μπορεί να προπαραγγελθεί από τις 10 Μαρτίου. Ιδού τι μας απάντησε ο τραγουδιστής τους Adam Bentley!

Could you please tell us...

1. Three albums you’d take along on a desert island?

Today I'll take:

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Areoplane Over the Sea

and The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

But that's just today, I'm sure if you asked me tomorrow it'd be three completely different ones.

2. A song you wish you’d written?

Hmm, any of those motown hits.

3. Your Sunday morning song?

"Therefore I Am" by jim O'Rourke. That's a song I wish could wake me up every morning to, and would if I had one of those CD player alarm clock's, but at this point I still have the same alarm clock that I had in grade 7.

Coincidently, this song would also be my theme song if I was a professional athlete. I'd love to be in Major League baseball player and run onto the field to that song.

4. Your favourite b-side?

I'm not a massive b-side person. Steve Jones from the band is incredibly knowledgable of all his favourite bands B-Sides. "Dear God" by XTC was supposed to be a b-side, which is crazy, so I'd take that song if I could. I'll go with "High Times" by Elliot Smith. There's most likely another song that I'll think of later, but "High TImes" is an incredible song.

5. Your favourite Beatles song?

Maybe "A Day in the Life".

6. A musician/band you think is criminally underrated?

I still think Talk Talk doesn't have as much respect as they deserve, but the tides are changing, every year someone else becomes attached to them and can't let go.

7. Your favourite place for writing music?

Up North at the Sugar Bush.

8. What your music-related plans are for the next 12 months?

The record is coming out April 21st in Canada through Auteur Recordings, and worldwide via the internet, so that's extremly exciting. Jordan and I are going to continue with our Allegories project, in a couple of months we're going to be annoucing a special process we're taking to create new music. I think later in the year The Rest will begin working on the next record, we're focusing on live shows right now, but we should be recharged and be ready to go by the end of the summer I think.

9. What you wish to do once you retire from music?

Find a nice plot of land. Just underneath the surface.

10. A stylistic choice you’ve made and are now ashamed of?

I'm not sure if I'm ashamed of anything I've done. The music I created with many of the guys in The Rest, when we were in highschool, was pretty forgettable, but in the end it gave us time to grow. Some of us have been playing together for over 10 years now, and I think every terrible song has led us to the present, and I'm really happy with where we are now. So, no regrets.

11. Which role you would like to have played if you were an actor?

I have a role I want to play one day... It's a self portrait in some ways. I'd like to play myself, but a less fortunate version. One day I'll write the story, and then I'll play the part, but I've got to make some time.

12. A recurring childhood dream of yours?

I turn into a pinapple that fights crime. I'm dressed like the character "Columbo", but I'm a pineapple. I would stay up late and watch the Columbo movies when I was really young, must have made an impression on me. I guess I like pinapples too!

13. If you are superstitious?

In sports, not so much in life.

14. A sentence containing the words ”some” and ”beans”?

We all need some beans down by the fire. We have a warm up song that has that exact line repeated over and over again. True Story!

Thanks guys! That was fun! Take Care -Adam

The Rest - "Apples & Allergies" (Everyone All At Once)

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