Some Questions #6: The Dears!

Συνεχιζοντας τις ανακρίσεις, πάμε πίσω στον Καναδά και σε ένα από τα πιο σπουδαία σχήματα απ'όσα περιστοίχισαν τους Arcade Fire στην επέλαση της καναδεζικης indie σκηνής στον παγκόσμιο μουσικό χάρτη, από τις αρχές της δεκαετίας. Οι The Dears κυκλοφόρησαν το περασμένο φθινόπωρο το τέταρτο album τους, Missiles, το οποίο δυστυχώς καθυστερήσαμε ν'ακούσουμε κι έτσι έχασε τη βέβαιη θέση του στην εικοσάδα μας - περιείχε άλλωστε ένα από τα πιο επικά τραγούδια της περασμένης χρονιάς, το οχτάλεπτο "Lights Off". Φανταστείτε, λοιπόν, πόσο χαρήκαμε όταν η Natalia Yanchak, το μόνο εναπομείναν αρχικό μέλος του γκρουπ πλην του frontman Murray Lightburn, μας απάντησε αυτά που θα διαβάσετε στις επόμενες γραμμές...

"Hi Ranya,
Thanks for your email and we're glad you enjoy Missiles. We would absolutely LOVE to come to Athens to play shows... maybe in the summer! Anyhow, here are some answers to your interview, completed by Natalia from The Dears."

Could you please tell us...

1. Three albums you’d take along on a desert island?

In no particular order, I would take: Talkie Walkie by Air, The Queen is Dead by The Smiths, and Loveless by My Bloody Valentine.

2. A song you wish you’d written?

"Hate Then Love" by The Dears

3. Your Sunday morning song?

"Sunday Morning" by K-OS

4. Your favourite b-side?

"Moon River" by Morrissey

5. Your favourite Beatles song?

"Glass Onion" from the White Album.

6. A musician/band you think is criminally underrated?

Black Diamond Bay

7. Your favourite place for writing music?

Murray does all the writing, but he gets most inspired by nature: Caribbean beaches, Canadian boreal forests in the summer, cottage country and mountain tops, you know, that sort of thing.

8. What your music-related plans are for the next 12 months?

We are preparing for a big North American tour in May/June. Murray has been writing a lot and working on new songs in our home studio. So probably a bit of pre-production and new stuff in the in-between times.

9. What you wish to do once you retire from music?

I'd love to have a nice garden, be self-sufficient, grow our own food. I think we would probably move to the country and live and eat well... basically I want to live out the cooking show "Jamie at Home." Big adobe wood oven, cooking in the back yard. Just good stuff.

10. A stylistic choice you’ve made and are now ashamed of?

I'm pretty conservative stylistically. I mean I appreciate fashion and dressing well but I like to do it with a certain timelessness. I'm only embarrassed about stuff I did in high school. Like being into magic tricks, Night Court, Monty Python, having bad glasses and other goofy things... that I'm actually not ashamed of, they were just silly, really.

11. Which role you would like to have played if you were an actor?

I am a terrible actor. Whenever we make music videos we always have to argue with the directors, trying to convince them that we are musicians, not actors! I don't like to pretend, I like to live a real life. So this is a boring answer but I am perfectly happy being myself in the everyday movie of me.

12. A recurring childhood dream of yours?

Sometimes I dream of the grassy garden at my parent's house in Toronto. There is a little grassy hill and as a child I would have vivid, psychedelic dreams about an entire tiny, gnome-filled wonderland existing underground. There are so many different paths a dream can take that the same dream never happens twice; only figments of dreams, re-assembled to follow another day's memories.

13. If you are superstitious?

I am... but not like about the number 13, broken mirrors or black cats or anything like that. I believe in fate and luck: I believe that all things happen for a reason, and that we should never pass up a chance to make a wish (like on a shooting star) or be hopeful about the future. We can't control our own destiny but I think we can influence positive things to happen by living and loving others in a positive way. Is karma a superstition?

14. A sentence containing the words ”some” and ”beans”?

Sometimes my daughter, Neptune, is full of beans.

The Dears - "Dream Job" (Missiles)

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