Some Questions #16: The Soft Pack!

Και πάνω που μιλάγαμε για τους Soft Pack τσουπ! Απαντήσαν στο εφηβικό πλέον (γίναμε 16 κύριοι) ερωτηματολόγιό μας. Ο Matty McLoughlin - ο κιθαρίστας τους - προσπάθησε να μας καταστήσει σαφές οτι είναι ο ίδιος και όχι ο συνονόματος vocalist των Soft Pack Matt Lamkin. Ο συγχρονισμός τους πάντως ήταν φοβερός και οφείλουμε να τους το αναγνωρίσουμε. Όχι τίποτα άλλο αλλά θα νομίζετε οτι γράφουμε πάντα καλά λόγια για τα συγκροτήματα που επικοινωνούν μαζί μας σαν κάτι άλλα έντυπα, γνωστά και μη εξαιρετέα.

Όχι κυρίες μου, εμείς δεν κάνουμε τέτοια. Εμείς παίρνουμε μόνο μετρητά.

Could you please tell us...

1. Three albums you’d take along on a desert island?

The Replacements - Let It Be
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale
Notorious BIG - Ready to Die

2. A song you wish you’d written?

Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"

3. Your Sunday morning song?

Steely Dan - "Bad Sneakers"

4. Your favourite b-side?

Obits "I Can't Lose"

5. Your favourite Beatles song?

"I'm a Loser"

6. A musician/band you think is criminally underrated?


7. Your favourite place for writing music?

In my bedroom.

8. What your music-related plans are for the next 12 months?

We have been writing new material and are playing some festivals this summer. Hopefully we will have a new record out in the next 12 months.

9. What you wish to do once you retire from music?

I don't want to retire from music. Maybe gardening? I don't know, I don't want to stop playing music.

10. A stylistic choice you’ve made and are now ashamed of?

I am not ashamed of anything that the band has done. When I was in high school I had a Rage Against the Machine shirt that I wore OFTEN. That makes me feel shame.

11. Which role you would like to have played if you were an actor?

Jesus Shuddlesworth in He Got Game.

12. A recurring childhood dream of yours?

I have always had this dream where I keep falling off of a building. It's the worst.

13. If you are superstitious?

Not really. I have a pair of lucky socks though.

14. A sentence containing the words ”some” and ”beans”?

I am thinking about making some black beans with a fried egg and toast for breakfast this morning.


The Soft Pack - "Pull Out" από το The Soft Pack

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