Some Questions #11: Sunnybrook!

Επιτέλους, το Some Questions επιστρέφει! Και επιστρέφει με νέο αίμα... Φιλοξενούμενός μας σήμερα είναι ο Paul North από το Denton του Texas. Ο Paul είναι μέλος των Sleep Whale, της μπάντας του αδερφού του Joel, αλλά εμείς τον γνωρίσαμε με το προσωπικό του όχημα Sunnybrook σερφάροντας στο site της Lefse Records στην οποία υπέγραψε πρόσφατα. Εκεί ακούσαμε το υπέροχο "Willow Whale" που θα βρείτε στο τέλος του ποστ, μια μικρή παγανιστική γιορτή με στρώσεις από κιθάρες, μπάντζο και αιθέρια φωνητικά χαμένα μέσα σε μια φωτεινή ομίχλη από reverb - ένα πραγματικά ονειρικό εφτάλεπτο. Στο MySpace του βρήκαμε και το μικρότερο, πιο folk και εξαιρετικά catchy "Waving Hands" όπως και το "Tiger Bite" και αυτό ήταν, κολλήσαμε άσχημα. Περιμένοντας μέσα στη χρονιά το ντεμπούτο του Water Me Glow από τη Lefse του στείλαμε τις ερωτήσεις μας και μας απάντησε αμέσως!

Could you please tell us...

1. Three albums you’d take along on a desert island?

Kraftwerk - self titled ; Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me ; Elliott Smith - Either/Or

2. A song you wish you’d written?

I write a lot of music-- whenever I feel inspired by a song that I hear, rather wish that I had wrote it I incorporate certain aspects of the song into my own music.

3. Your Sunday morning song?

Anything with some harmonies

4. Your favourite b-side?

I have a pretty extensive collection of Elliott Smith tapes; his work is my favorite.

5. Your favourite Beatles song?

"And Your Bird Can Sing"

6. A musician/band you think is criminally underrated?

Florene; a local Denton act.

7. Your favourite place for writing music?

Not sure, but it has hardwood floors and it's really echoy.

8. What your music-related plans are for the next 12 months?

Debut Full Length "Water Me Glow"; another Sleep Whale record scheduled for end of summer; Leaving for Spain tomorrow to play the Tanned Tin Festival. Hopefully play a couple of other shows around America.

9. What you wish to do once you retire from music?

To simply own a record store/coffee shop. I am a barista as well as a musician, and love coffee as much as sound.

10. A stylistic choice you’ve made and are now ashamed of?

I don't have any regrets.

11. Which role you would like to have played if you were an actor?

An extra for Seinfeld.

12. A recurring childhood dream of yours?


13. If you are superstitious?

From time to time.

14. A sentence containing the words ”some” and ”beans”?

These are some cool beans! (Cool Beans is a restaurant here in Denton).

"Best to you!! Come see Sleep Whale in Spain at the Tanned Tin Festival!!

Ryan Air flights are super cheap.

family, Sunny"

Sunnybrook - "Willow Whale"

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